Saturday, April 26, 2014

playing outside

I know it's been a few weeks, but I haven't forgotten about our California trip.
We got home just in time to go to my parents' house for Easter,
Just in time for me to leave on a little mommy vacation to, until I get back, here's a few pictures of the kids enjoying the fantastic California weather.

Nicholas rode this trike pretty much all day, every day. Grammer played along and filed the role of pit crew, giving him frequent oil changes, refilling gas,  and changing tires.
We watched Cars on the drive to California....
Found some treasures.

Ellie and Grammer, who was a saint and wore the necklace Nick made her everywhere she went.
Kent, doing his duty as loving son.

Nicholas helped too. I'm pretty sure Nick had more fun, though.
And every girl needs a rose garden to run through every once in a while.


Shannon b said...

Great photos! I treasure all the photos and memories of my kids running around the yard there when they were little. there's just something magical about it!

Teresa said...

Great pictures....its always so nice to have sweet children playing at our place.
Happy Day