Tuesday, April 2, 2013

new camera

 With our upcoming vacation (Texas and Mexico),
we needed a point and shoot. 
For the past three years I've been strictly using my Nikon D3000 DSLR. (Except for Disneyland when we borrowed my sister's point and shoot.)

I just don't feel comfortable taking my DSLR all the way to Mexico.  Plus I probably wouldn't use it much, since we'll be doing a lot of beach, swimming, walking, sightseeing, etc.  I need something small, light, and durable.

On Friday, this pretty little thing arrived at my door.
And get this.  It's waterproof!  And shockproof, you know, if I feel like dropping it from a height less than five feet.

So of course I got it right out and started playing with it. 
I don't need a new camera to make her look cute, but I am quite impressed by the photo sharpness and color quality.
Then I discovered the color select feature.  You can select a color to show up, and everything else is black and white. I love it! 
It makes some pretty neat pictures of our Easter bonfire.  (We burned our Christmas tree....which has been sitting in our backyard since, well, Christmas.  We're super awesome.)
I'm really happy with this little camera, and I can't wait to use it on our vacation!  Snorkeling pictures anyone? 


Creole Wisdom said...

looks like DSLR quality right there. The one awesome thing about technology is this-- better cameras in smaller and more affordable bodies!

Teresa said...

Awesome! Just a warning....WE took a waterproof camera with us to St. John....it died in the water....just glad I back up the pictures before that.
We are looking for a new one....I think I will get one just like yours...pictures look great.

Anonymous said...

I have the same camera. I used it snorkeling and scuba diving. Works great under water, even the video!