Wednesday, April 17, 2013

staying cool

Hi there. 
I know it's been a while.
We're keeping busy around here. 

We play outside as often as possible.  You never know when the third, fourth, or fifth winter is going to occur around here.
This week is fourth winter.  Freezing cold, snowing (while sunny!), windy.  Hopefully next week will be Spring again.  We like to be outside. 

That ice cream bucket in the background?  One of our favorite activities is to fill it up with the hose, make rock soup (with a smattering of dandelion flowers), and then "paint" with it on the driveway and garage door. 
Cheap foam craft paintbrushes--one of the best toys around. 

But today it is much too cold to be outside.  My extremely dedicated neighbor across the street is currently mowing his lawn.  While it is snowing.
We're not that hardy.
So we wear our sunglasses inside and do our best to be "cool."

Right now? I have to go get Ellie from her (exceptionally short) nap. 
Whew that girl is keeping me on my toes lately.  She's a fireball, and she loves her mama. 
Which is nice, but... sometimes I have a few things I need to do without a hefty eighteen-month old attached to my hip. 

If I can manage it, I'll try to get things caught up around here. 

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