Wednesday, April 3, 2013

saturday lunch out

Hey, now that I have a camera that fits in my purse, I can be cool and take pictures of things we do when we're not at home too!
On Saturday, after the city-held Easter egg hunt, we drove to the new outlet mall near our house for some lunch and a little bit of shopping.
Shopping doesn't last long anyway with a three-year-old and a seventeen-month old.  Ha.

There's only one place to eat there so far (brand new mall, still under construction). 
Retro little hamburger and shakes place.

The kids were happy the whole meal (amazing!) and we had so much fun.

 Playing with her bunny "hop hop!" and little plastic dog "puppup." We take them everywhere with us lately. 
And that pacifier?  I'm getting ready to get rid of it...going to take a lot of emotional preparation.  For me. 
Ketchup smiley faces! 

After we filled our bellies, we went to a few stores,
had a few discussions about why it is important for Nicholas to learn "no jumping, no running, and stay by mommy and daddy" while we are inside the stores,
and successfully found new Easter outfits for the kids.

Can they be any cuter?


Shannon b said...

The kids look ADORABLE! How sweet!

Teresa said...

adorable times 10!