Friday, April 26, 2013

from a fortune cookie

This fortune has been on my fridge for five months.

Our vacation next week has been a long time coming.  As in, the we've-been-saving-up-since-we-got-married sort of a long time. 

We are oh so excited,
but I have to admit, leaving my kiddos for nine days has me squirming. 

Oh I know we'll have a fantastic time,
and I know they will too! (Last time we left Nicholas he literally didn't even mention my name until I'd already been gone for four days.) 
But gosh I'm going to miss the cuties.

And I'm going to miss the funny things they say to me each day.
Like this morning.
"Oh Mom! I'm grabbing my nose because you startled me."
sigh, "I call my baby sister Moop now. I don't call her Ellie anymore."

It will be good for them, though.  To spend a week and a half at Grandma and Grandpa's house--they are going to have a blast!

And I have to say, I'm pretty sure it's going to be good for me and Kent too. 

(That is, if I can get through my to-do list...twenty-three items left, 43 hours to go...wish me luck, and good quiet kids.)
Sunny shores await!

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Teresa said...

Enjoy...and how fun for your parents!