Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter bunny day

At our house, the Easter Bunny comes on Saturday.  
Nicholas was up really early, asking us if the Easter Bunny had come yet.
He hadn't. But a few hours later, we let Nicholas get out of bed, get dressed, and find his Easter basket.
As he was coming down the stairs, he shouted,
"I love Easter Bunny Day!"

Little sister was pretty excited too.
And once they stopped fighting over Nicholas's basket and realized that Ellie had her own basket, the morning got much more fun.

 The favorites?  Ellie was pretty excited about the yogurt "monkey" drinks. And the stickers.
Nicholas was all about the orange squirt gun.

After breakfast we headed outside to find the eggs hidden in the yard.
While I was hiding them, a golfer came past and informed me that I wasn't hiding them well enough...
"You need to make those a little harder to find!" he said.
I told him we have a one-year-old.

 But in the end, it was Ellie who was finding the eggs...
Nicholas was looking so hard that he would walk right past them on the grass at his feet.  

 He ended up with quite a haul in the end, though.
I love where I live.

A couple hours later, we headed to the park for the city-held Easter egg hunt.  

There were so.many.people there.  It was nuts.

We ran over to the starting line, Nicholas clutching his basket, and then it began.

With the siren of a fire truck.
Nicholas freaked. Loud noises are not something he handles well.  He froze, hands over his ears, crying and refusing to go grab the eggs that were just a few feet in front of him.
Within seconds, literally, the hundreds of kids had swooped in and taken all the eggs.

Poor kid.  

A darling sweet girl noticed Nicholas crying with an empty basket, so she came over and took three eggs out of her bucket and placed them in Nicholas's basket.  
By then, Kent and Ellie had caught up with us and we found a box of baby bunnies for sale.  
We just had to cuddle one for a few minutes.

If I ever forget how much work pets are, we might be in trouble.  

That bunny was just so cute!

Then we headed out to get hamburgers for lunch and went shopping at the outlets for Ellie's Easter dress.  The weather was beautiful, the kids were happy, and we got to find eggs and hold bunnies.  We couldn't ask for a better "Easter Bunny Day."


Shannon b said...

Everyone looks so happy! Cute kids! We tried out our city egg hunt when the kids were small - but the crowds were always too much for me! So we gave up. Your backyard view is so amazing - I would love it too!

Dallin said...

I love Nicholas' squirt gun smile. Wonder if he has gotten into any mischief with it yet, like squirting his sister with it?

Teresa said...

Awesome day...beautiful view and cute kids....doesn't get any better.
Happy Day