Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a place to be crazy

My Grandma Murray adores children.
Her whole life, her whole focus, has always been her own children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  She loves them, and it is evident in everything she does and everything she says.
Grandma Murray's house is a place where kids are welcome to be kids. Run around. Throw pillows and balls, color, eat ice cream, balloon volleyball, marbles, sing and dance.
She loves the playing, the laughing, the chaos.  Usually she's laughing right along, often laughing even harder than the kids are.

We spent several afternoons at Grandma Murray's house last week,
and my kids were their crazy silly selves.

She wanted my camera.  We've entered "toddlerhood."  As of last week, Ellie is now a fit-throwing, tantrum-having, determined little girl.  
At least this time around we know that it will end...eventually.

Ellie was spinning in circles, around and around and around, making herself very dizzy and laughing like a crazy girl.  And there's Grandma Murray, laughing along with her.

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