Friday, March 1, 2013

february, goodbye

Just a few glimpses into our February

 Sometimes, you just feel like sleeping in a big box.
He slept there all night. For several nights in a row.  
When he asked if he could sleep in his box, I thought, Sure.  Why not?  
My theory?  As long as he's in his room, he's not going to hurt himself or anyone else, and he's sleeping, I don't really care where or what he sleeps on.

 They were hesitant to eat the pink pancakes.  Until they realized they still tasted like pancakes. Then all was well.

 Our very first very own brand new washer and dryer.  The used ones we bought finally gave up the ghost.  
And it's amazing how much fun doing laundry is right now.  I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually, but for now, anyone have anymore laundry you want cleaned and dried? I have a new washer and dryer that are super fun to use!  (folded is a completely different story...)
 Working on setting up my playroom--the shelf and the cupboard were made by my grandpa.  In fact, the cupboard used to be my mom's when she was little.

I told her she looked lovely with the blackberry juice smeared in her hair. This is the cheese face she gave me.  She does it all the time and gosh do I love it!

Cheese face again. And our science experiment.  Colored vinegar dropped into baking soda.  Super awesome.  (And we're still working on getting Nicholas to dress himself in the mornings.)

Welcome March.  It's 45 degrees today with even warmer weather ahead.  Hooray for Spring!


Teresa said...

Happy washer and dryer....funny thing...our washer went out last week too.
Love all the kid pictures and the fun little bunny in the window.

Creole Wisdom said...

oh man I have some laundry :)

they look so nice!

You'll have to save those photos of Nicolas in the box for his wedding slide show :)