Sunday, June 10, 2012

what good boys do

Nicholas has been so happy, so cooperative, such a joy lately.
We are loving every minute of it (and hoping the move to our new house this week won't mess him up too much).

Today, he was all about telling us "what good boys do."

Good boys:
wear their Church clothes (he usually throws a fit when I try to dress him for Church)
sit quietly during Sacrament meeting
go to Nursery class
play with friends (he's been pretty shy in Nursery so far, but today the teachers said he talked to everyone)
wait patiently when Mommy is busy
help Mom make "corn and pea soup" for dinner
dump their corn and pea soup in the sink
eat their chicken and rice and peas and corn
eat three cookies
play the piano with Mommy
stop screaming and running when Mom tells them to
get ready for bed when it's getting dark outside

and tonight, after Nicholas said his bedtime prayer (he's finally coming out of his recent "no pray!" phase) Kent told him that it was an excellent prayer.  
We said "goodnight" and then as we left the room Nicholas whispered happily

"Good boys say excellent prayers."

Thanks for being a good boy today Nicholas!

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Chandler Family said...

Great post! I'm not gonna lie I got teary eyed a bit because that is such a sweet post. And because I have a boy just a year younger who is starting to do and say similar things. They really are right from heaven and just trying to be their best just as we are. :)