Monday, June 18, 2012

father's day interview with Nicholas

"First I need to go get my ball."
"Where's the questions for Daddy?"
"I'm getting them ready."

"How old is Daddy?"

"Daddy is so strong. What could he carry?
"I don't know.  Maybe 2!"

Soccer ball landed on keyboard...

"What's Daddy's favorite color?"
"Orange on the computer.  The orange right there" (publish button)

"What's Daddy's favorite food?"
"That's not a food, Nicholas."
"No, what does Daddy like to eat?"
"Oh. Bamantas."

"What is something Daddy always says?"
"Cookie Monster....Uh, What?!"  (He's actually right about these-Kent does say that to Nicholas a lot.)

"What is Daddy good at?"
"What's he good at doing?"
"Doing stuff."

"Dad's job at work?"
"Stuff at the computer.  Uh huh. He does."

"What makes Daddy laugh?"
"Hahaha!  He laughs like that."

"Daddy loves what?"

"Why do you like Daddy so much?"
"Cause he's cute."
Me laughing.  "Good answer."
"No, it's not laughing for it.  Daddy's cute and I love him.
"Thank you for asking for Daddy on the computer.  Thank you Mommy!
"K, I'm done with you. Goodbye Mommy."

Thank you, Kent, for being the Daddy that you are.  Your way with kids was one of the first things I loved about you and it's one of the biggest reasons I fall for you over and over again.

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Teresa said...

so very sweet- and I agree with Nicholas...he does have a cute daddy.