Thursday, June 7, 2012

we bought a house

Yesterday we bought a house.  
Today it was finalized.  It's ours!   

When we first started looking (waaay back in December), it was going to cost the same to build or to buy. So we thought,
of course let's build.
But as the months went on and the offers fell through again and again,
prices rose, and
it ended up being more expensive to build.  So we started from the beginning and
looked at existing homes.

 This house is in the same area as one of our favorite lots that we wanted, it has an excellent (rated 9 out of 10) school for the kids, and it's a gorgeous neighborhood with friendly people.

And the moment I saw the view this house has, I was sold.
And then I saw that it already has a gas range in the kitchen.  (If you've ever used one you know why that is so awesome.)
And so we went that afternoon and put in an offer.

And today, a month later,
the house is officially our own home, and we're going to move over there for good a week from Saturday.

Now, prepare yourself for the barrage of pictures.

Us yesterday after closing.  It was pretty cold yesterday, but today when we were up there it was beautiful.

The view.  Backyard, golf course, mountains.

I never could have guessed that we'd move to Utah and get a house with a smaller backyard than we had in Texas...but that's less yardwork, right?

Nicholas loves the "big house" and he wants to see his bedroom over and over again when we're there.

Kent showing off his future "movie room" in the basement. 

 The house has five bedrooms.  Three upstairs and two in the basement.  One of the basement rooms, though, is going to become Kent's movie room.

Ellie tests out the future playroom upstairs.

The master bedroom.  This picture does not convey how HUGE it is.  You could easily fit three queen size beds in there.

I have high hopes of someday making all those cupboards white. We'll see how soon that happens.

The wall of windows from my living and dining rooms.

We drove over tonight to take our first carload of boxes.  Nicholas fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep when we got there.
 I am not looking forward to moving again,
but it is upon us. Sigh.  Thank you Mom, Jonah, Sarah, and Nathan for your help today!

Our townhouse has been turned inside out and my living room is full of half-full boxes and I'm sitting on one of Nicholas's tiny chairs right now because that's all I could fit between the boxes and the computer desk...

By the end of next week, though, we'll be done and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one is going to last a long, long time.


magunn said...

I am absolutely cringing will excitement and envy! That home is gorgeous, the view is incredible ... Gosh I hope we move someday. Congratulations!

Andrea said...

How happy! The view looks like a painting! Love it!

jesika said...

hooray for your new house! i can't wait to come see it and lounge in Kent's movie room! :)

Lisa Brown said...

So gorgeous! Love the front door, and actually, I love the wood of your cabinets - it almost seems a pity to cover up all that gorgeous wood grain if you paint :). I love that your basement is already finished - we are still working on that with ours. It looks so nice and spacious, and your view is amazing!

Mike and Alli said...

Yay! I loooove it! The view especially. It is funny that the yard is smaller than your house here, but it still looks like there will be plenty of room to run with the open spaces around you. I love the windows and light everywhere! Woop, woop.

Mariley Johnson said...

Congratulations! The house is beautiful. Hopefully you will feel settled soon.

Teresa said...

What a blessing!.....the house is perfect....can't wait to see it in person!
Sweet Happy Day!

Creole Wisdom said...

Happiest of endings to quite the trial Miss Becca! I am glad you and Kent found a home :) Good luck moving, that is the hard part, but... it will be over in time.

And you can totally paint your cabinets white. A blogger did it a while ago, let me know if you ever want a link.

Shannon b said...

It looks gorgeous! You guys are so so lucky! The house looks nearly new, so MUCH SPACE, and what beautiful views. Are you pinching yourself? I would be. Good luck with the move this week!

Libby said...

Looks great. Congratulations. I think you should consider leaving the cabinets alone. They look great how they are and they look good with the granite! Have a great move. Looks like a nice area.

Holly said...

I LOVE your new home! Congrats!! You baby is getting so big, she sure it cute!

heidi said...

how exciting, congratulations! your house looks so beautiful! maybe Nicholas is being a "good boy" like you said in the other post because he knows you've got this house and he's got an awesome room and all is great!! ha ha, he's so cute!