Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"I like everythings!"

"Take a picture of my foot, Mommy."
 The dictionary of Nicholas*:

"Packick" (n) A sturdy bag with straps used to carry books to school
"Bumbo" (n) A ribbon, flower, or other article worn in Ellie's hair
"Whasir" (n) The clear liquid composed of two hydrogens and an oxygen that sustains life on this planet
"Bamanta" or "Mata" (n) Yellow fruit that grows in a bunch on a tree. A favorite of monkeys and little boys.
"Doind" (n) Daddy's favorite cellular phone operating system.  Also the sound Daddy's phone makes when he gets a text message.
"Mo-mo" (n) A mechanical yard tool that trims grass as you push it across the lawn.
"Short pants" (n) Well, pants that are short.  A.K.A. "shorts."
"Sun suit" (n) Short pants worn while swimming.
"quirt bottle" (n) Item that can entertain Nicholas for up to three hours at a time.
"Candy jars" (n) Granola Bars.
"Chockik Nohk" (n)  Beverage that Nicholas asks for approximately 12.7 times a day.  Chocolate Milk.
"Nouth" : Mouth
"swoh my nose": blow his nose . He does this often--just taking teeny tiny pieces of toilet paper, wiping his nose and then tossing them into the toilet.
"Mason" (n) Nicholas's uncle. Not the uncle that is actually named Mason.  The uncle named Nathan.  The uncle whose name is actually Mason Nicholas calls Sammy.  Yeah, figure that one out.
"swooshi" (n) Delicacy made with raw fish and rice and seaweed.  
"Mukick" (n) Sounds with rhythm and melody combined.
"Oh-pwane" (n) Vehicle that provides air transportation.

Some funny stuff from lately: 

On the way to Church today.  I was trying to comb his hair (for the fifth time in two minutes).
"But I don't want to be handsome!"

In the bathtub a few nights ago. Nicholas noticed something black on his fingernail. 
"What's that on my finger?!  Oh, it's stupid sauce."

In the car.  I was singing primary songs. I sang "I am like a star shining brightly."
A few minutes later, Nicholas piped up, "I am like a starfish!"

He walked in on me getting out of the shower... "Woah, Mom. Your bum is giant!"  (Awesome. Thanks.)

He was throwing an epic tantrum in the car and was so mad that he began just making stuff up to be mad about.  Kent and I just started laughing as we realized some of the things he was yelling about.
"My hair is soft!!  It's growing!" 
"I need my clothes off!"
"I don't want to be anywhere!"

And finally, a few of his common sayings:

"I can't know about it!"  when he is trying to say something but can't remember the words
"It's taking for a long time!"
"Daddy is finishing his homework." when Kent is at work during the day
"Talk to me about it" (or talk to Ellie or Daddy or anyone)  when he wants me to explain/discipline him or someone else. 

*Thank you, Katy, for the idea!


Teresa said...

Love this age of discovering Language

Savanah said...

Becca thank you SO much for your comment! I was in some desparate need of support from someone who understood! I'm glad I'm not the only one who worries about silly little things sometimes! Thanks so much!