Wednesday, June 20, 2012

night winds

Living this close to the canyon, we get a very strong, very localized wind every night.
Our neighbor told us it is because of the temperature difference between the valley and the canyon.

At first, I was pretty annoyed by that.  Crazy strong winds all night long every night.

But then, a few nights ago, we sat out by our firepit (we must get some firewood!) and we watched the sunset.

At 9:30-ish, the wind started. It starts out soft.
And it smelled like the mountains.  Pines, sagebrush, crisp fresh air.
And it was heavenly.  I love that mountain smell.  When we go camping, as soon as we get up in the canyon I like to roll down the car windows and just take a deep breath.  Ahh.

We've also noticed that the nightly winds are great for cooling off our house before we go to bed,
the wind keeps away the mosquitos and most of the flies,
and it doesn't start until after 9pm and it's over by about 5 am.

Not too bad at all.  Especially since it smells like the mountains.

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heidi said...

i love the wind here too because it cools off at night!