Saturday, January 28, 2012

because I'm their mama

And because these two are unbelievably cute (and this picture is the first time I've noticed how much they look alike--all except for their eyes, don't you think?),
I'm going to show you what it took to get this one good shot.

 He said "Mama, I'm going to look sad. Take a picture."
 Silly boy.

I told him to kiss her.
Then I told him to kiss her closer to her face.

Oh how I love my munchkins.


magunn said...

Haha I try to do this all the time! Love it. We also have that same onesie ... and it's usually wet from a bit of spewing. :)

Creole Wisdom said...

They are both so adorable! I love how Ellie just stairs at Nicolas as he is going crazy- total sisterly love :)

Mike and Alli said...

Ha! Love all the photos. My photo series lately usually end in me getting spit-upped upon.

Lisa Brown said...

I love her chubby cheeks! So sweet!