Friday, January 6, 2012

Ellie 2 months

 I love this girl. 
This morning, she gave me her first laugh.
Just a little one, but oh so cute!

And I guess I need to clarify.
I usually avoid talking about blogging...ugh
but if my last post came off as me complaining about how hard being a mother of two is,
that isn't what I intended.

I was feeling full of love and gratitude for my two little ones,
and I wrote the post with the intention of saying how,
even though it's super hard,
I am happier with these two kids than I ever have been.
My seminary teacher in high school was right when he told us that
with each stage of life comes even more joy than you had before.

 So now, Ellie at two months:

She is pure joy.
She's getting faster at eating (hallelujah!) and she still eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, but with it only taking about 15-20 minutes to feed her now, I feel like I can accomplish a whole lot more between feedings.
So far, she still takes a bottle well when I need her to.  I'm doing my best to give one to her every so often so she doesn't decide to refuse them.

She smiles whenever we smile or talk to her,
and sometimes even when we're not paying attention.
I look over at her, she's staring at me with this giant grin, like "oh hi Mom! I was hoping you'd look at me soon!"

She remains a light, light sleeper,
not the best thing for a baby girl who has a noisy big brother,

but at night, when it's quiet and dark,
she sleeps.  And I sleep.
In fact, sometimes, it's me who does the waking,
because, well, I'm nursing and sometimes she just needs to eat, if you know what I mean.

I don't know how I got so lucky to be blessed with such a happy, easy baby,
but I am constantly amazed and oh so in love with her!


Mariley Johnson said...

I love this last picture of Ellie. So very cute.

Creole Wisdom said...

I love the shape of Ellie's eyes! I also love what your seminary teacher said, and I agree :)

CindyLou said...

She is so beautiful.

I wanted to tell you that I check your blog often, because you inspire me to do better everyday at my jobs of being a wife and a mother. I enjoyed your "the truth" post. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing.

Cindy (I am a cousin to your Mother-in-law)