Thursday, February 2, 2012

lets run away to park city

but just for a few hours.

(Part of my sister-in-law Shannon's "Let's Go On a Date" series. Click here to find some awesome date ideas.  She's the genius behind the Year-of-Dates gift you see on Pinterest.)

On Friday Kent came home from work and he said,
"Do you want to go to Park City?  Right now?"
So I fed Ellie, we jumped in the car, and off we went.

You see, there are two things about my husband.  
1. He loves to get out and do stuff.
2. He loves his technology.
Friday morning he was notified that his online order for the "transformer prime" tablet (kind of obvious it was a group of geeky men that named that one, huh?) was canceled. It was sold out everywhere except for two Best Buys in Utah.  One near St. George and one in Park City.

So off to Park City we went.

Another thing.  At this point with our family, with two littles and not many friends here in our new home yet, we don't get chances to go on dates just me and Kent. So we go on family dates.  
And really, I think it counts.  We get out of the routine of our normal days, spend time with each other, reconnect, and do something fun.  Isn't that what a date is?  

 Plus, it's pretty fun to have our cute kids with us.
Most of the time (most) they behave very well.

Kent ran in to Best Buy while I fed Ellie in the car,
then we took advantage of the free valet--it was bitter cold up there in the mountains-- and dashed into this fun little "Good Thymes Bistro" to have dinner.

Notice Kent demonstrating point #2 about himself. Technology comes along on our dates sometimes.
My chicken pot pie was ah-mazing.  So yummy. 

And for dessert, we ordered the
make-your-own s'mores.
Nicholas didn't want to try a s'more.  He ate the chocolate and the marshmallows but wouldn't combine them. 

Then we headed home.  We saw some really fun ski tracks lit up for night skiing, and an awesome tubing hill we'd love to try someday.  Both kids fell asleep in the car and we got 45 minutes to just talk.
Once home, we put the kids to bed then cuddled up on the couch to watch an episode or two of Chuck.
It was a very good night.


Teresa said...

Holy cow that does look like fun and smores at the table- happy day.

Shannon b said...

You know, I am planning to win the HGTV Dream House in Park City in just 2 weeks. Yep, I'm going to be the winner. ;)
Fun date -- I always hear such wonderful, romantic things about Park City. I think I need to go there someday.

Libby said...

Looks like a fun place to eat. My kids would love to make smores at the dinner table.

Dallin said...

How are you liking the prime? I had some hands on time with one and was impressed. ICS on the Xoom is also great.