Saturday, March 5, 2011

what march looks like

We're one week into March.  It has been a busy, busy week.  Having a sick kid has a way of putting the rest of your life on the back burner.  (yardwork, vacuuming, making beds, blogging)
But Nicholas is getting better (other than a weird rash that showed up on his neck yesterday), and Kent survived a brief bout with a very nasty stomach bug on Thursday.  I've never seen the poor guy so sick.  There was one point where we were seriously considering driving him in to the hospital...but then he just stopped throwing up, all of the sudden, so all was well.

In March: 
we're hoping for a healthy family--let's be done with this!

my daffodils should bloom.

we're going camping with some friends.

we'll be driving our new car with a spare tire. I love love love our little blue crossover. I love not feeling trapped at home with nowhere to go.  I love the sliding doors in the back.  I love the cd player.  I can't help but laugh at the fact that we have already popped a tire and been forced to dismantle the cigarette lighter because it wouldn't release Kent's phone charger.  

it's time to plant my garden again.  I'm already dreaming of those fresh tomatoes.

Kent's got homework to work on.

we clean the Church every Saturday--Kent's calling.

we are going to be creative with our family outings--keeping Nicholas out of public places.  But that means more trips to the park, more picnics, working hard to find new fun things to do. 
I'm good with that.


Teresa said...

Love the you have the best yard on the block....and here's to a healthy March =)

Megan said...

March looks beautiful in Texas! I wish you guys the best March yet! :)

Murray Ohana said...

so jealous...wish we were into spring!

heidi said...

my daffodils are just about to be done, how is it that yours are just about to start?? I want mine to be like yours, I didn't get to enjoy mine for very long because they had already bloomed when we bought them. next year though. so I hadn't heard that you got a new car, how fun!!!

Lisa Brown said...

Love your spring color! It is too early for that here in CO, but I can't wait.