Friday, March 25, 2011


Now that Nicholas is talking, he's got a few silly little sayings that are pure "Nicholas."  

"No right"  This used to be a very ambiguous term, and we were never sure if it meant yes or no, but now it is clearly a no, but it's almost polite, like he's saying "no thanks."

"No way!"
Never said nearly as politely as "no right," unfortunately.  This is toddler-attitude at it's most prominent.

"Where go ____?"  (ball, baby, book, daddy)  His first three-word combination.  I'm pretty impressed with the level of cognition this phrase demonstrates. 

"Shik-oh-ba" or "Shik-oh-ma"  As close as we can tell, this is meaningless; he mostly just says it because it is fun to say.  I love to hear him playing or dancing and repeating "shik-oh-ba" over and over.

"Manna"  This began as his word for banana, but now he uses it for bread.  Could a word be more fitting?

"Oh man" He says this all. the. time.  And I love it.  It's so boy-ish and funny.  He says it to express surprise, silliness, relief, and frustration.

"Bye"  He says this with a polite little wave of his hand when he wants us to leave him alone.  Yeah, Mom, I'm doing fine, thanks for checking on me, now please go away again.

The danger of using sidewalk chalk in khakis:  a bad case of rainbow-bum.


Teresa said...

Love hearing about his "words" and his rainbow-bum couldn't be any "cuter".
Happy Day

Andrew and Shan'tel said...

That rainbow-bum comment made me laugh out loud!!! That was funny!

heidi said...

and what a cute rainbow bum it is!