Friday, February 25, 2011

one mystery solved

"Uh-my!" means "help me."  Duh. (or err-der as the Andersens say)  When I finally figured it out today, Nicholas looked at me like And how long have I been saying this?  
Yeah, he has been saying "uh-my" for probably three months.  Not kidding. 

Mysteries still unsolved:  Why is my boy sick again?  Yesterday he woke up from his nap wheezing, after five days of no problems at all... boo.  Now he's back on breathing treatments (two different types), one oral steroid, and still finishing his antibiotics from last time.  
I hate having a sick kid.  I hate listening to his breath rattle.
But, as my Mom reminded me, at least we're not pioneers who didn't have any medicine. Then I'd have to watch him struggle to breathe and have nothing I could do to help him. That would be torture.

So, I'm sure we'll get through this, and all will be well again.

One final mystery:  
Why do toddlers always-and I mean always-stick out the wrong foot first when you're trying to put their shoes on?

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heidi said...

sorry about him being sick still. and lol, I don't get the shoe thing either, why does the wrong shoe look right to them!