Friday, February 4, 2011

being there

A quote that's bringing me inspiration today:

"I know that I'm fortunate enough to be in a profession and marriage that allows me to spend most of each day near my children.  

"But Being There isn't about money or even about staying home full-time.  It's about an emotional and spiritual shift, of succumbing to Being Where You Are When You Are, and Being There as much as possible.  

"It's about crouching on the floor and getting delirious over the praying mantis your son just caught instead of perusing a fax [or filling the dishwasher] while he is yelling for your attention and distractedly saying over your shoulder: 'Oh, honey, isn't that a pretty bug.'  

"Being There is about being attuned enough to notice when your kid's eyes shine so you can make your eyes shine back."

-Iris Krasnow (qtd. A Mother's Book of Secrets, p. 5--this book is something I find myself needing to re-read every couple of months.)

While we enjoy our weekend (Texas snow day!) I will be trying my best to truly Be There, both for Nicholas and for Kent-the two people who mean the very most to me in this world.


Sharlee said...

Love this quote. I need this book I think!

shannon said...

great thoughts . . . .and I love the carnations on your window sill.

Andrew and Shan'tel said...

That is a cool quote. I like it!

Teresa said...

Great quote....I love that you used Mason jars as vases....I think they are the best ....great pictures.

Lisa Brown said...

I love that quote - and it is something I need to remember, as I am often guilty of only being half there for my kids.

Emily said...

thanks for the reminder! what a great quote- thanks for sharing- I NEED that book and maybe a little shift in my attention too! xoxo