Tuesday, February 22, 2011

when you're helping you're happy

Nicholas loves to help me around the house.
When he's grumpy/throwing a tantrum/has bonked his head on the dining table (again),
I know I can always get him to stop crying by asking him if he wants to help me.
He gulps down the tears and says a quick "okay!"

He loves to "fold" laundry (pick up what I've folded, shake it a few times, and toss it across the room), sweep the floor, wipe the cabinets, put away his toys, and help with dinner-especially cracking eggs and mixing them,
but his favorite task is putting soap in the dishwasher.

He knows exactly where the box is, and he gets it himself, brings it to me, and tells me he wants to help.
Giving it a good shake.

He likes to mix it around a bit with his fingers.

Great job, Buddy. Thanks for the help.


Teresa said...

I miss having a little helper....it's always so much fun, and that is the times when they say the cutest things.
Glad he is feeling better.
Can't wait until I have him for a few days....so he can be my helper.
Happy Day

heidi said...

he looks like he's getting to be such a big boy.