Tuesday, February 15, 2011

do you remember

(late Valentine's Day post...we were out enjoying the 70-degree weather last night so I didn't get this posted)


Do you remember

the first text message I ever sent you after our first date---actually the first text I ever sent anyone,
and how it took me nearly three hours to reply, not because I didn't like you but because I didn't know how to do it?
Feb or Mar 2007--murder mystery group date

admitting your most bizzare talents the night we first met?  (i.e. tongue typing skills)

the picnic we had in Yosemite?  Lunchables, apple slices, and green juice.

July 2007-BYU-Idaho Guitar's Unplugged
the couch-pillow fort we made in my apartment one night?  and our pet rock...what was his name?

how you left the apple pie in your car after our first kiss?

when you asked me if you could date me "on a more regular basis" while walking back from a devotional at the Hart?

do you remember these sandwiches?  

and while we're talking about food:  the meal I made you in LA--cornflake ranch chicken, oven fries, green beans, and Italian soda? And how we took so long eating it that we were late to the Pirate's movie?

how about puka dogs?

trying to find hair gel in Paris since your luggage was lost?

thinking up ridiculous questions for our biology class with Brother Wall?

how long it took us to get our painting from France in its frame, and how worried I was that it meant we would never be able to work together?

chopping ice with a hammer so that we could back out of our parking space in Rexburg?

May 2007-restaurant in LA
eating pancakes on the beach when you came to visit me in LA?

the little red rental car that would not start...like ever?
December 2008-Anniversary trip
being brave and jumping into the river on our kayaking trip...hands and knees first--and the river ended up only being a few feet deep?  I was laughing with you.  Don't you remember?

unpacking in our first apartment?

December 2007-Honeymoon
the French man who nearly fell asleep in your lap while we ate dinner on Christmas day?

swimming at night at your parent's house--and me doing an "interpretive swim" representing evolution (from fish to lizard to monkey, etc.)?

Aug 3, 2007-moments after proposing
proposing halfway through dinner instead of waiting until dessert? It was pretty obvious the question was coming, and a little hard to focus on our food.

playing Monopoly and eating super bowl treats?  I promise I wasn't cheating intentionally.

Thursday night movie night every week while we were engaged?

Jan 2007-Dairy Queen in Rexburg--just a few weeks after we met
the first time we held hands--watching Night at the Museum? and how our arms fell asleep because we were both too shy to move them?

having to call my dad the morning after we were married because you left your wallet in Logan?

Kent, do you remember the first time we said "I love you?"

walking into our very own home for the first time?

hearing Nicholas's first cries?

I do.

December 2007-Honeymoon

Happy Valentine's Day, my Love!


Mike and Alli said...

Sheesh, other people's romanticness isn't supposed to make me cry. I'm blaming it on pregnancy hormones.

Teresa said...

me to...crying that is.
Great post.

Megan said...

Love it love it!!