Saturday, August 22, 2015


 My lucky six-year-old got to start his birthday at the beach the day before his actual (not-actual) birthday.
(Because he can't read a calendar yet, and has no concept of time, 
and his actual birthday was a busy Sunday,
we pretended his birthday was the day before it actually is.)

Now, My sweet Nick is six.
 And I honestly don't believe it.
Wasn't he just learning to crawl yesterday?
Six feels so much bigger than five did.
Five was still a little kid, 
but six? We've entered big-kid-dom.

My six year old asked for waffles for breakfast,
"The very most delicious restaurant in Grandma's neighborhood" (aka Chik-fil-a) for a picnic lunch at the park,
and pancakes for dinner.
He's six years old and his food requests reflect that.

He also wanted to go to the zoo.

We went to Willow Park, a tiny little zoo near my parents' house, but only took one picture
because it was HOT and Christian was strapped to my chest and honestly all I could think about was finding the next tiny spot of shade as we walked around.

But Nicholas loved it, and Jonah got to rescue a duck stuck in the fence and it was all worth it.

His "excited" face. 

This was the birthday of Legos. 
I spent so much of my own childhood playing Legos with my siblings,
it was really fun to pick out the classics for my own little boy.
But oh so weird that he's actually old enough for these now.
I guess I assumed he'd been playing with the squishy mega blocs forever...

He helped me decorate his cake squares.

His Lego cake turned out way harder to make than I'd imagined,
but for his sake I decided to embrace the imperfect-ness and just let it be.

I don't think he even noticed the bumpy lumpy crumbly edges.
And how cool is the lego cake stand my little brothers made for him??

Let's just take a second, right now,
to appreciate how much my baby looks like a naked gnome in this party hat.
All he needs is a beard.

Christian's getting better and better at grabbing... he just wanted some cake and ice cream too!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sensitive, smart, silly six year old!


Teresa said...

What a fun day! Happy Happy Day!

Savanah said...

I'm pretty sure I bought that same birthday pennant banner for Kyle's birthday this year, great mind think alike! :) also, I love when they are still young enough to let you celebrate on whatever day works best for you! So fun!