Friday, August 21, 2015

Bear Lake magic

Kent took last Friday off and we went up to Bear Lake with my family.
It was truly the most perfect day there. 
So many of my aunts and uncles and cousins and their children came,
and I couldn't believe how awesome it felt to look out in the shallows and see so many children, so many cousins, all playing,
being kind and helpful and making memories together.

The forecast threatened rain, so we hesitated a little, wondered if we should go,
and were beyond grateful we went anyway.

And we didn't see a single drop of rain.

 I spent a huge chunk of the day nursing this big guy, trying to get him to take even a ten minute nap,
and Kent spent most of his time hiking back and forth to the bathrooms with the other two,
but the times I got to go out in the water were so fun,
and the times I didn't, when I was sitting in the shade, snacking and chatting with family,
were just as good.

 I wore my favorite Randy Tee in the water because my swimsuit....
let's just say I was this close to a wardrobe malfunction.
I'm not yet back to the size I was when I bought that suit, apparently....
also? removable straps are a better idea in theory than in reality.

 The kids dug a hole in the murky water where the waves don't reach, and Ellie spent most of the day running and jumping into this hole.

We brought my parent's camp cooker down and set it up on the sand to make our own hamburgers for dinner that night,
because the hours after 4 pm are the very best at the lake.  The crowds leave, the water seems warmer, and the sunlight is golden.

Ellie surprised us and had absolutely no fear of the water. She was out there playing frisbee with me and Kent in water up to her shoulders, having the best time of her little life.
I love the beach we go to (North Beach) because the water is so shallow for SO far. For nearly 100 yards it was no deeper than my hip.

Ellie also became best friends with my cousin's daughter, Frances. 
As we packed up to leave that night, Ellie pulled me down close and whispered,
"Mommy, but when will I get to play with that very nice girl again?"
 (I just die over Ellie's "working hard" face in this shot.)
 And let me just say, 
My husband is the most awesome daddy ever. He was with these two the entire day, giving Ellie horsey rides in the shallows, playing frisbee, pulling kids on floaties and kayaks, and taking them to use the potty no less than twelve times. (I think we hydrated them enough...)
 On our way out,
we stopped for fresh raspberry and peach milkshakes.
And the day couldn't have been better.

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Savanah said...

That's a smart idea to cook dinner on the beach after the crowds move out for the day! North beach is my favorite too, super kid friendly!