Thursday, August 20, 2015

just a normal afternoon

This morning the kids and I laid on the floor in our pajamas and built houses (complete with a kitchen sink and a fridge) out of legos.  
And for the first time this summer, 
I didn't even think about how the floor needs to be swept and the windows need to be washed and the laundry needs to be folded.

Our house went under contract today.
And I know that it's not final until it's final, that we have plenty of praying and finger-crossing to do until the purchase is complete,
but for now, 
for this day and the days to come,
my heart is light and my life feels....well, happy and normal again.

To sell a home with two little kids and an infant? An infant that still wakes up four or five times a night? 
I've pretty much felt like I've been losing my mind, little by little. Too many things to think about,
too much work to do. Each time we had a showing I felt like I lost four years off my life. 
And then there's the guilt. Feeling so sorry each night when I go to bed and remember how Ellie asked me to play with blocks with her but I was too busy mopping the floors or sending emails.  

But for today, for tonight,
I am grateful and happy and at peace.  Our home will no longer be ours the middle of next month, 
but by a true miracle, the new buyers are going to let us rent back from them until the middle of November, when our new home should be done (or at least close enough that we can make a couple of weeks work.)

So today, we celebrated.
By playing legos in our pajamas,
Taking Five-Month-Old pictures of Christian,
 Making the house "ours" again, including rehanging some of our family pictures, writing my menu back on my dry erase board, and getting a little bit of that day-to-day clutter out of the drawers and back on the counter where it likes to be,
 Cuddling on the couch to read our newest favorite chapter book (My Father's Dragon, by Ruth Stiles Gannett),
getting dinner from food trucks,
 and definitely not doing any cleaning. At all. 
I'll probably regret that tomorrow.
But for today, it felt AWESOME.

3 comments: said...

Happy for you and your sounds like prayers are being answered

Savanah said...

What an amazing miracle that you'll be able to stay til november! The lord is definitely looking out for your little family. I can't wait to see pictures of your new house!

Nay said...

We love the book My fathers dragon!