Tuesday, August 11, 2015

friday night

I feel like I'm coming into my own with this third child. Starting to glimpse who I really am, both as a mother and simply as me. This new life is highlighting my weaknesses,
but it's also rounding out my edges and focusing my perspective.

Earlier this summer we went to the water park, and I only spent about 14 minutes actually in the water, between potty trips and nursing and sunscreen applying and nursing and snack-getting and more sunscreen and more nursing...
but when we got home, 
I felt like I do when I get to be free to experience the fun myself.
My children's fun is good enough for me now.
In a way it hasn't been before.

And life is different. Harder. Busier. 
More frazzled in my brain.
but also so much...
On Friday night our little family gathered on the floor.
And we were together. Just us. No phones, no side conversations, no side-distractions running through our grown-up minds. (Something we've really struggled with as we try to sell our home and everything this summer.)
We turned everything off and laid on the floor.
Just us and the kids.
(And a photo-bombing slinky.)

And it was perfection.