Sunday, June 7, 2015

scenes from the cabin

 About three days after Christian was born,
Kent started asking if we could go to the cabin.

We kinda really love this place.  But I wasn't sure I was up to a road trip that soon after having a baby.  We thought about going when he was just a few weeks old...but then he was super sad baby from his reflux for a while.

So, when my birthday and Memorial Day landed on the same weekend, we took advantage and headed to California for a week. 

Our drive was looong. The older kids were crazy good, but little Christian needed loads of attention and a seven-hour drive to Reno turned into just over eleven.

But we got to stay in our favorite super-fancy-but-cheap-cause-casino hotel, complete with ordering room service to eat in the dark after the kids fell asleep, breakfast, and some super awesome dance moves in the bathroom.
 Leaving Reno, Kent decided to be daring and attempt the mountain roads again.
Once again, it was beyond beautiful,

 But also caused some serious motion sickness in the kiddos.
Worth it? 

I sorta think so.
And as soon as we arrived, it was all better.

We've never stayed in the cabin all by ourselves like that before.
It was wonderful. Just our little family, deep in the forest, quiet, alone, and at peace.
A perfect start to our vacation.