Sunday, June 28, 2015

grandma and grandpa's house

 It's the perfect place to go for a week after you've
worked harder than you thought was possible,
to get your house ready for showing (seriously....suddenly three kids isn't such a breeze anymore....not when I'm trying to clear out, clean out, box up, and prep a house to be shown and sold!)

Once the house was done and sparkling from corner to corner (not even exaggerating...Kent said it felt "hospital clean" in here, and I was actually forbidding the children from sitting on the couch out of fear they'd mess up the perfectly plumped pillows,)
we escaped to a place we could actually live in.

The kid's loved playing with cousins, running through the field grass that's taller then they are, and Christian loved being out on the porch swing with Grandma. But only when he's not being hugged/mauled by his older brother.

My dear sweet Grandma lives next-door to my parents,
and she'd call each day to ask us if Christian was awake so she could come play with him.

On Saturday, we threw a baby shower for Alicia--
we did a S'more's bar.

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Teresa said...

So glad you have a place to escape to =) Love the cute.