Thursday, June 18, 2015


While we were in California, we went to the beach.  
First stop--
Bubba Gumps for lunch.  
With a view of the bay.

Nicholas was very enthusiastic.
So was Christian.

After we finished lunch, we walked down to the aquarium.
Ellie was SO excited. She sang and skipped the entire way there.  
And as soon as we were in, she shrieked and pulled us all over to the sea otters--
the otters were floating on their backs and when they'd bonk their heads into the walls??
Ellie's laughing had every single person around us laughing as well.

From there, she pulled us by the hand, running from exhibit to exhibit. 
By the end her little legs were pretty tired,
but then she saw the penguins up ahead and laughed
"OH yes! The penguins!!"
And then she was running again.

I think the aquarium has been one of her favorite places in the world so far.
And I just love having little kids.

The wave wasn't loud. At all.
My children are just a little sensitive...

After the aquarium, we bought crepes off the street (nutella+banana=heaven)
and then we went to the beach.

 Nicholas ran from the waves, screeching and laughing, the entire time.
Ellie did too, but she ran even higher up the beach each time-
I'm really wondering if there's a way for me to siphon even just a teeny bit of that energy for myself??

Just before it was time to leave,
a pod of dolphins swam past Kent and the kids, not even thirty feet away, jumping and playing in the waves. So cool.

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