Sunday, April 12, 2015

the first weeks

During that first week home, when it was just me and Kent and Christian,
we had to do some jaundice treatments, and daily trips to the hospital lab for blood draws.
On our way home from the hospital we'd go out for donuts or smoothies, just the three of us.

Christian had to sleep on the biliblanket for just one night--he began to recover like a champ.
Our little guy is incredibly strong. He holds his head up almost too well--we almost forget he's only a few weeks old and then he'll flop down and smash his nose on our chests.

The day we came home from the hospital, Christian got to meet my parents and siblings, 
and they came back the next weekend too!  

After bringing our other babies home in Texas where we didn't have any family around, it was really really fun to be surrounded by family, everyone loving on my sweet little baby.

Kent's mom came the next week,
her help was so wonderful! She kept the house clean and fed us and played endless games with the bigger kids.

Kent and I have been amazed at how incredible Nicholas has been since Christian was born. He's the sweetest kid! 
So helpful! So happy! SO obedient! 
He really is a fantastic five-year-old.
And he vacuums happily. Thinks it's a special privilege, actually.
Super awesome.

Ellie loves her little brother, and she's been very sweet to him,
but I think she's feeling much more affected by the lack of attention on her. 
While Teresa was here I got to take Ellie out for cookies, just me and her.
She brought her purse.
I love this girl.

These first few weeks are always kind of a blur,
but we're happy to be together, happy to have Christian here, 
and happy to be figuring it all out, day by day.


Teresa said...

sweet moments captured.
Happy Day

Savanah said...

From colic to jaundice that is a rough way to start with a baby! I'm so glad you've been able to have family around! I hope his crying subsides soon because that can be so hard on a momma! He is adorable and I love what a sweet big brother Nicholas is! You sure have a darling family!