Thursday, April 9, 2015

first bath

Whew. The past week has been kinda nuts.
Our sweet little Christian has started up with colic. I think it's caused mostly by reflux, 
but we're still working on getting him the right medicines that will help.

Having a baby who cries all day long is a new kind of hard.  Thankfully, we do have some good days where he is mostly happy.

I know it won't last, and that sure helps.  I just wish I knew how to make him feel better. When he screams he looks at me with a "Help me Mommy!" look in his eyes that just breaks my heart, and I can tell he's just hurting.

But, I'm sure we'll figure it out, and until then I'm so grateful for the bigger kids and how helpful and sweet they're being.

And, I've learned some awesome new skills:
sleeping sitting up (he only sleeps while upright on my chest)
speed cleaning the house/getting kids' lunch/using the bathroom while Christian takes one of his "power naps"
putting on the ergo carrier while Christian is sleeping on my chest, without waking him up
getting dressed while nursing (yep)

I think I'm going to be Supermom by the time he outgrows this.

Two weekends ago, the kids and I decided it was time to give Christian his first bath.
While the water was warming up, the kids helped entertain him:

The big kids have been playing with all of our baby toys, and they keep giving them to Christian...I guess hoping that he'll suddenly be big enough to play with them?

They've also been obsessed with taking Nick's old clothes out of the closet and picking out which ones they're going to "save" for when Christian gets bigger.

Me spending so much time nursing and soothing my poor little guy has left the big kids to entertain themselves for much of the day,
which is awesome,
but also very toys and outgrown clothes everywhere.
Someday my house will be in order again. Someday.

Nicholas disappeared before we got Christian in the tub.
Christian was starting to fuss.  Nick has the hardest time when Christian cries (which has made this reflux/colic stuff pretty rough.) He's been spending a lot of time outside, especially in the evenings when Christian is the saddest. He tells me that Christian's crying makes his tummy feel sick.  
Mine too.

Ellie stuck around to help, though. She really seems pretty indifferent to Christian's fussing.  

He makes the most adorable grumpy old man faces when he's sad.

Really! So cute.

2 comments: said...

Hang in there mommy..this too shall pass but you have a great attitude

Savanah said...

I love your mommy skills! It is amazing the things you can figure out how to do when you have to! Such a cute post!