Sunday, April 26, 2015


We went up to my parents' house for Easter and conference weekend.
We wanted to spend the weekend with everyone, 
plus we had to introduce our little guy to my Grandma:

 She adores him.

It was General Conference that weekend, but I spent most of my time on the couch, nursing a very sad baby. It was the peak of his reflux problems, and I was so so grateful to be there with so many extra hands to help love and hold my little man. I even got to take a coupe of naps, which was glorious.

And I'm glad conference is online so I can listen to all the talks I missed.

Saturday morning the Easter Bunny came, and left jellybean trails as clues to where the baskets were hidden.

We'd had a long, rough night with Christian, but these excited faces just couldn't wait any longer.

"How did the Easter Bunny know what size my head is?!"

In between conference sessions we had our traditional family bonfire and hot dog roast. We've done this since before I was born.
After the picnic the kids get to do an Easter egg hunt:
On Sunday morning we colored eggs.

Our sad little Christian was there too:

My parents have a neighbor who has built his own "train," and he'll drive around the neighborhood giving the kids rides--it's so cute!

Because we didn't have church on Easter Sunday (conference weekend), I got the kids dressed up in their new Easter clothes the following Sunday:

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