Friday, April 10, 2015

brother love

Nicholas is deep in love with his baby brother.
Unless Christian is crying (during which Nicholas gets as far away as possible), Nick is right in his face, 
talking to Christian, kissing him repeatedly, nuzzling up to his soft little head.

He tells me several times a day that "I just love Christian! Don't you??" (Not sure why he thinks I might not...)
Nicholas has also been very concerned that I'm not feeding Christian enough.  It took us a few weeks to help Nick realize that I am paying attention when Christian cries, and that not every cry can be fixed by just nursing him again

Really, though, Nicholas adores this baby. And I love it.
Christian is sleeping on my chest right now as I type this, and Nicholas just came over with little snuggling squeaky noises and said,
"Just look at his cute pucker lips!"

What fun these two are going to have!

I've noticed something this time around. Not only do I always have enough love to share with each and every new child we have,
but having a new baby actually gives me more love for the family I already have. 
My love grows for everyone, and I find myself gushing over the sweetness of the older children, fawning over my baby, and swooning while I watch my husband be such a good daddy.  

Babies really are the best.

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Teresa said...

What a wonderful sweet little boy! I feel the same way ...only in a grandmother kind of way =)