Monday, October 28, 2013

the halloween party

 We drove up to my parents' house this weekend for a family Halloween party.  The whole family gets together for this, 
all my aunts and uncles and cousins and their kids- everyone.

Our little family dressed up as two pirates, a superhero, and a princess.
The first time I tried Ellie's princess dress on her, she wore it for hours, 
telling me all about how pretty she was and dancing and twirling and spinning.
She wanted to wear it to bed, and was devastated when I made her take it off.

So, naturally, when it came time to wear it for the actual event,
she wanted nothing to do with it.
Of course.  Because kids just make sense like that.

We eventually convinced her to wear it,
but she only kept the crown and wand for three minutes,
and the dress came off also after about fifteen minutes.

 Nicholas wanted to be superhero.
No superhero in particular, just one that wears a cape (so he can run fast and leap off couches) and a mask and a scarf on his head.

He also nabbed Daddy's pirate hook.

As for my parents and siblings,
I believe their costumes won the unspoken costume contest. For every Halloween party ever.
That's right. Princess Bride.
My mom is the costume queen.  She spends hours scouring the thrift stores and making accessories.

 Wesley and Princess Buttercup
 The six-fingered count, Fezzik, and Indigo Montoya. Isn't Indigo's wig just awesome?  I couldn't get over it!

Oh, and that rock  that Fezzik has?  My mom and I whipped that thing together in ten minutes. We made it out of a partly deflated ball, newspaper, duct tape, and spray paint.
 Miracle Max and his wife.
And yes, he does have six fingers on his right hand. Why do you ask?

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