Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ellie-girl turns two

My sweet Ellie-girl had her birthday on Tuesday.
She's two now.
And oh what a girl.  She is almost too cute to stand.  Every day we find ourselves talking about how stinking cute she is. Gosh we love her!  She's silly and affectionate and sharing and oh so smart. 

She "reads" herself to sleep every night.
She gives the best hugs. Seriously.  Tight squeezing arms around your neck, and sometimes she pops her foot up behind her.  We like to have her hug everyone who comes over, just to show off how awesome her hugs are.
She answers "yeah" to everything anyone not in our family asks her or says to her.  
i.e.  "You're a cutie!" "Yeah."  
She has to label the "baby, mommy, daddy" of everything she sees, from characters on tv shows to pieces of her scrambled eggs.
She's talking up a storm all the sudden.  Yesterday she walked in while I was in the shower and this is what she said:
"Spilled. Milk. Couch. Did it. Nick.  Towel! Bye."
I guess Nicholas spilled some of his drink (she calls all drinks "milk") on the couch but she was taking care of it for me.  That's my girl.

And now, the birthday.
We had to wake her up. She wasn't going to get up, kept rolling over to go back to sleep, until Kent asked her if she wanted to open presents.
Well yeah!
 Her very own backpack!  Now she doesn't have to try to be sneaky and use Nicholas's when he isn't looking.

 She asked for Eggs! and Toast! for breakfast.
 "Predents! Birday!  Predents! Please??"
I told her she had to wait until Daddy got home.

 My sweet silly girl. Love that crazy curl on the side of her head.

Because I wasn't involved in a wedding a few days after Ellie's birthday (sorry Nicholas, your cake was kinda lame this year....) I was able to spend a bit more time on the cake.
 She was equally excited about a rainbow cake and a strawberry cake,
and I liked the rainbow cake better, so we did a rainbow cake.
With strawberry filling between the layers.
 We had a dinner of "Yice! Brottli! Cheese!"  (Rice, broccoli, and cottage cheese)
and then it was time for cake and presents.

While we sang to her she laughed out loud-
 Just too cute. (and my rainbow sorta flopped over.  Oh well.)
 It was all happy until the second candle-blowing out session (because why not let them blow out the candles several times over??) ended with her partially inhaling the flames.  Oops.

 But new sunglasses and a bowl full of cake made it all better.
 Dosh, Yosh, and Ra-rah came over for the party.  Thanks guys!  Ellie was so happy you were here.

Oh how I love you, my Ellie-girl!


heidi said...

cute! looks like she had a great birthday! Happy Birthday Ellie!!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday sweet little Ellie...that short little video is priceless... just like her.
Happy Day

Shannon b said...

Happy Birthday! I loved the little video that Kent posted on FB. She looked SO happy!