Tuesday, July 23, 2013

we tried to buy a pool

 Last week I took the kids to walmart.  
We were going to buy a pool.  The hard plastic kind.  $14.88 said the display outside the front door.
We have a pool, but it's the type you have to blow up, and I just don't have the foresight each day to spend 45 minutes blowing up a pool 
when sometimes we just want to go out right this minute and play in some water.

So we wanted to buy a little hard plastic one that I could set up in seconds.

We made it inside both of the double automatic sliding doors.
Then we turned around and went straight home.

Major meltdown from Nicholas.  Because I wasn't getting a cart. Because I was walking too fast.  Because Ellie was walking (how dare she!).
I don't mess around when he acts like that and won't shape up.  We turn around and head straight back to the car.  

But when we got home, I still wanted to play in a pool!  Being a consistent parent is such a bummer sometimes.

A quick dash around the toy room, a few buckets emptied, 
and voila! 
Mommy created a series of three little splash pools.  
And we had a grand time.  I let the kids pour water all down my legs while I sat on the bench.  They gathered rocks and Ellie drank dirty water and we splashed and played all afternoon.
Sometimes you just have to use what you've got.  


heidi said...

LOL! love how you improvised!! i too love those pools! I always have to get one every summer for the kids!

Chandler Family said...

What a good mom! I try to be that consistent, however my kids are typically good at the store, I don't always succeed. Especially pregnant and exhausted and whale like... When little things like that "bug" Dayton I typically walk away or make him go to his room. It's SO hard isn't it? Sometimes I just feel for him though, I remember having great ideas or plans as a kid and my parents not agreeing with them (putting holes in the walls while sliding down stairs, etc.) and being devastated when they didn't think I was the best kid ever and instead scolded me. Ha! Funny now... Not when I was 5. Being a mom is tough.