Friday, July 12, 2013

Nicholas speaks

To me one day:  "Whew! It's a good thing I have hands to pick things up with.  And if you don't want to do anything, I will do it for you!"

He noticed his heat rash from his swimsuit was gone: "Look! My mirage is gone!"

I came home from a Church meeting one night:   "SURPRISE!" (He jumps out from the bathroom with nothing at all on.) "Welcome home Mommy! How was your meeting?"

Eating a donut with Daddy:
Nicholas: "What is that in your donut?"
Kent: "My donut is filled with jelly.  Yours doesn't have anything in it."
Nicholas: "Yes it does, see?" (pointing to a tiny spot in the center of his glazed donut.) "It just has a tiny seed.  It's what helps make my donut grow!"

Ellie and Nicholas were in the other room where I couldn't see them. I hear Nicholas say, "Yep, every time you do that, Ellie, you get a sticker on your bum."

To my sister: "I want to trick you, Sarah, but I can't remember what my tricky voice sounds like."

To me: "I really want a pet, Mom!"
"What pet do you want?"
"How about...a puppy!"
"Oh sorry Bud, puppies are a lot of work and they are really too messy."
He thinks for a minute...."I know! How about a bunny?  Bunnies don't poop!"

He filled his pockets with coins he found at my parent's house.  We were all in the living room and he walked in and shouted: "Who wants some MONEY?!"

I handed him a pudding cup.
He examined it and asked me: "Does this taste like bad bugs or good Nicholas?"
I told him it was good.  He tried it and after each of the first ten or twelve bites he would shout "DELICIOUS!"
And then he yelled for me "Mom!  I made a disaster." 
He'd spilled a drop on his shirt.

We bought balloons for the two of them at the grocery store.  We had one more stop to make, and when I was getting them out of the car, Nicholas's balloon blew out and flew away.  He was devastated.  Kent played hero of the day and brought him a new one when he came home from work.  Nicholas was so so happy and in his joy he said,
"Daddy, how about we call your clothes a balloon dress because you found me a balloon!"

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Teresa said...

Love the creative things that little children say....he has some very clever ones =)