Saturday, May 18, 2013

swimming in a cave

At Xel-ha there was a place where you could swim/snorkel into a cave.  We took a few pictures with Alli's camera in her trusty (at that point) waterproof camera bag.  We also caved (ha) and bought the "professional" photos the park staff took of us from above through a hole in the cave's ceiling.  

I just love that picture of the four of us, swimming, in a cave, dorky snorkel masks on our heads, completely happy.

Kent was his awesome silly self that I just adore.
This side of him only comes out when he's really happy, and I sure love it.

Me and Kent with the cave entrance behind us.


Teresa said...

Looks like an awesome time....Love Kents Happy Face.

heidi said...

sounds fun! looks like you had a great time.