Sunday, May 12, 2013

surprise adventure #1

Deep sea fishing/snorkeling tour.

Before our trip, we talked to the Foulks and decided we would each take one day of our vacation to treat the other couple to an adventure.  A surprise adventure.

Saturday morning we woke them up early, told them to wear their swimsuits, bring sunscreen and towels and to leave their shoes at home.
We walked down the beach and boarded the Papa Kees.

Our captain was Ivan--shaggy blonde hair, brown leathered skin, wide smile.  His crewmates were Pepe and Tony. They were awesome.
We didn't catch any fish, but it certainly wasn't for their lack of trying!

 This handsome guy? He's all mine.  Being on this trip, just me and him, it was wonderful. I feel like we reconnected, we remembered how much we like being friends.  At home, we spend a lot of time being partners, but sometimes we don't get enough time just being friends.  I love this man.
 Oh, and there's me, just chillin' on the front of the boat.
Chillin' being literal. It was quite cold that morning.  The humidity was extreme, so although it was probably in the upper 60's, we were freezing!

 This is the place they took us to snorkel.
 The reef was beautiful!  The water was crystal clear, and we saw a barracuda, jellyfish, eels, and this giant sting-ray that followed us around, swimming right below us, close enough to reach out and touch!  It was incredible.

After snorkeling, we attempted to take a group shot.  Ali's camera tipped down right before the camera snapped, so we all had to duck.
Our boat trip only took us about four hours, so when we got back we had time to find a little place to eat on the beach, get cleaned up, and Allison and I got seventy-minute massages for $20 each.

Kent was really hoping to catch a fish that we could eat for lunch.  We didn't get that, but to get out on the water, spend an hour snorkeling that beautiful reef, and actually meet a real person named Pepe?  Pretty awesome.


Teresa said...

Love reading about your adventures! Way fun!

heidi said...

loving all your vacation posts, looks so gorgeous!