Saturday, May 4, 2013


We are here. Playa del Carmen.  Looking at this out past our balcony. 

It's, well, incredible.
The water is as still as glass and the brightest blue I've ever seen.
It's cool in the mornings and evenings and sweltering in the afternoon.
I guess they invented mid-afternoon siestas for a reason.

We're snorkeling, swimming, beach-walking, cave-exploring, fishing, cliff-jumping, rope-walking, drinking virgin pina coladas, trying to navigate around the crazy people who want us to spend money in their store/stand/restaurant, eating tons of guacamole, getting lost, taking naps, missing our kiddos but glad they aren't here (this is NOT a child friendly place!), and sitting with our toes in the warm ocean while the sun sets.

And we have two and a half days left.

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heidi said...

oh my goodness! looks and sounds wonderful. glad you're having a wonderful time!