Friday, February 1, 2013

we moved here on purpose, really

 Snow piles as tall as the cars.  And check out that one across the street in front of the house--it is actually taller than the man who lives there, so probably almost seven feet!

I shoveled the driveway yesterday. Three times.
But it's the only way to exercise in the winter so actually I don't really mind.

The other day, though, we got nine inches.  I measured.  And nine inches on a surprisingly wide driveway...and with a three-year-old "helping" with his own was going to take me forever.
Until a friendly neighbor stopped by.

Yeah, I love my neighborhood.  And I love seasons.

That doesn't mean that I don't sometimes wish I was at the park in January in Texas with my friends....
But you can't build snowmen in Texas.

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Creole Wisdom said...

Winter is beautiful! How cute is your neighborhood Becca? And yes, nice neighbor to come do that for you.