Thursday, February 7, 2013

oh hi carrots

image from: Wikipedia
I despise suddenly really like carrots.
I've never liked them. 
And I've tried.
They look so fun to eat--crunchy and orange and easy to hold.  
I tried year after year to like carrots.  Tasting them every so often.
No, I did not like them.  I just couldn't bring myself to like them.  The taste made my throat feel funny. I usually had to spit them out.  Couldn't even swallow them.

But then, New Year's Day, at lunch, I found myself piling carrots on my plate.  I couldn't even explain why.  They just looked delicious.
And they were.

And here I am, a month later,
a full-blown carrot-eater.  

The weirdest part?  I was relating this to my parents last weekend and my dad revealed that he too had despised carrots until he was 25 years old and then he suddenly started liking them.

Moral of the story? 
If my children won't eat carrots, I'll just tell them to wait until they are 25.


Shannon b said...

That is funny. :) My kids are big carrot eaters (usually baby carrots, but when I get the big kind it is a special treat!)

Creole Wisdom said...

I kind of feel ya. I think they are okay-ish. I can eat them and suddenly wanted a few after my surgery, but I much prefer other veggies.

You are right, they are so pretty!

Marisa Carter said...

I hated bananas until I was about 25, weird!!

heidi said...

that is so interesting & a pretty weird, ha ha! But I'm glad you enjoy them now!!

Kirsten said...

Your taste buds change every seven years ... so that's not super surprising. Welcome to the wonderful world of orangy goodness!