Tuesday, February 5, 2013

time to make a list

Sunday night. 
Kids in bed (who are sick again. boo.)
Apple nachos--apple slices with marshmallows, chocolate chips, oreo crumbles, and peanut butter, caramel, and chocolate syrup-broiled for a few minutes to brown the marshmallows (yum!).  
Google hangout with the Foulks.  (wishing we could share our apple nachos with them.)

Several clicks later, and we'd purchased plane tickets!  To Texas! (on our way to Mexico!)

I get a little happy wiggle inside every time I think about going back to Texas. I pulled up our neighborhood on google maps last night and almost got teary-eyed just thinking about being back there.  It could be said that I'm a sentimental girl. 

It's going to be a super short trip there,
so it's time to make a list.
What will we do with thirty-six hours in Texas?  Kent's already stated that he needs to go to HEB to get his favorite chocolate-infused only-suitable-for-dessert breakfast cereal.  
Me? I've got people to visit! And more people to visit! New houses to see!  And the Guenther House. And Bluebell ice cream.  And Cosi. And La Madeline. And Garden Ridge. And Fralos. And the Temple. And Rudys.  And oh wouldn't I love to go Toobing on the Comal?  

This list is going to need some serious scaling down.


Mike and Alli said...

BECCA! Did you write this after you read my blog post today? I am cracking up right now... assuming you didn't read it yet. If you did, yes, it's less ironic. But not by much.

Teresa said...

I Love to make list...especially about trips =)

Small town country girl... said...

I could go for some Blue Bell ice cream. We used to buy that in New Mexico. Oh I miss it. It is the best.

Creole Wisdom said...

cute toes :)

How fun.

I'll never forget my first time in an HEB... I thought I needed a map, HUGE!