Friday, February 8, 2013

five in one

Borrowing this idea from the lovely Shannon.
One picture, five stories.

1. That eyebrow.  Oh this kid's eyebrows.  He's always had them.  (And after a brief but very miserable bout of pneumonia, I'm just glad to see those happy eyes again. He was one sick and sad boy this week.)

2. My old Little People pool set.  I clocked hours upon hours playing with this as a kid.  A toy you can actually put water in? Best toy ever.

3. He's wearing his pajama shirt. I took this picture at noon.  We've been teaching him how to dress himself. You can see it's going well.

4. Ellie is carrying something very large. Something she apparently found in the bathroom. She has some serious muscle hidden beneath those chubs.  Just the other day, actually, she managed to lift a basket that Nicholas (claimed he) couldn't pick up.  And last night she carried a diaper box--still completely full of diapers.  

5. Will the painter ever call me back?  I'm beginning to wonder.... And I'm so tired of my paint swatches on the walls that I'm tempted to just do it myself, but then I remember my two kiddos and why we wanted to pay someone else to paint in the first place. It would take me  Maybe it's time to find a new painter.

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