Wednesday, November 7, 2012

piano room curtains

Two months ago when I showed you our house, the piano room looked like this:

 Today, it looks like this:

 If I'd known that taking out the wood blinds and hanging up curtains would make such a difference, I would have done it a looong time ago.
It softens up the room so nicely, and every time I walk past it I stop and admire.  
And now I'm dying to get curtains up on all my windows!

I had the curtains already--when we bought curtains for our patio doors in our house in Texas I bought an extra pair (sort of an accident...) so all I needed to do was buy an extra long curtain rod and hang them up.  

Or rather, have Kent hang them up. 
Cause he's awesome like that.

The curtains and the rod are both from IKEA.  So is that cute flower pillow.  IKEA is closer to me now than Target...and I've taken full advantage of that.
Really, though, I love IKEA curtains--those iron-on hemming strips are awesome.  All the curtains needed was a bit of ironing, I cut off six inches, then ironed the hem.  Super easy.

Oh, and I brought our patio bench inside because it is supposed to start really snowing this weekend and I didn't want it to be destroyed.  
Or as Nicholas would say, "In-tracted."  He means "distracted," and anytime something gets ruined or wrinkled or otherwise destroyed he puts on a pouty face and says that it is "Intracted!"  

I think it is because I would tell him to not make Ellie distracted when I would nurse her months ago.   
It reminds me of "Inconceivable" from Princess Bride.   I wonder what will happen the day Nicholas comes to understand the true meaning of "distracted."
 Oh, and the cute house models are not available. Sorry. 
They are mine, and I am keeping them forever.

 How else would I take cute silhouette pictures of a boy and his sucker?

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