Thursday, November 8, 2012

Miss-chief maker

 My little Miss is a busy busy girl.  
Let me show you what she can do in less than five minutes:

(Above) find herself a very nice spot in the pantry.  Take apart the window washer and tap every bottle of soda, one by one, with her fingers.

She would have taken down all the pasta containers, but she noticed the dishwasher was open so she moved on to:
 Climbing up and standing on the edge of the dishwasher door.  (I'm right beside her to catch her...)  She pulls out all the dishes, so I have to unload the breakable ones and the knives and forks as soon as I open the dishwasher.
 Her shopping cart is a perfect place for this (plastic) fancy goblet. She's looking up at the open cupboards and thinking about what she wants to get out of them.
 "But Mom! I want to get into the cupboard. Please!!"
 Oh, but look, there's a wipes container Mom left on the floor.  If not supervised, Ellie would take out every single wipe.  
We've had more than one wipes package I had to relocate to a ziplock bag.  
And the stairs.  
She get SO frustrated by our basement door that closes on its own.  She squeezes her chubby fingers into the door and pulls it open, then tries to dash in front of it before it closes so she can go downstairs. 
She usually ends up sitting in front of the door, banging it with the back of her head, and screaming in frustration.  Poor girl. 

And that concludes the four and a half minutes.
Now imagine what she can do when I'm not standing next to her with a camera the whole time...  


magunn said...

Oh my word ... Belle does EVERY SINGLE of those things! So fun to see another sweet little girl do the exact same things ... you're pictures are almost de-ja-vu to me.

Maybe it's because they've had to fight to do things a little more with a bossy older brother? I don't know, but these sweet #2's seem to come with a whole lot of spunk and determination!

Teresa said...

Love the look on her face in the pantry....I too like a big pantry. =)
Thanks for sharing.