Thursday, November 15, 2012

deer valley

Last Friday we got snow. 
Lots and lots of snow.  By afternoon, we had a good six inches on the ground at our house. 

Kent picked up my sister Sarah after work and brought her back to our house.  
She and my brother Josh were going to stay the night with the kids, because Kent and I were going
on a little getaway to Deer Valley (next to Park City).

Kent's parents gifted us a night at the St. Regis resort.  It was gorgeous.  
And because we went right between seasons up there, we were almost the only guests in the entire place--
felt like we had this giant castle all to ourselves.  
 Our snow-covered balcony and looking out over the ski runs on the mountainside.

 We went out to dinner in Park City on Friday night,
had the most amazing corn chowder, salmon, and steak,
and got to make s'mores around the firepit at the hotel.  It was snowing lightly, there was a moody fog in the air, and we wandered around the place, peeking into ballrooms and libraries and walking around the steaming pool.
We went to a late breakfast Saturday morning and headed home.
Thanks Mom and Dad! It was a fantastic (and so needed!) little getaway.


heidi said...

how fun, sounds like it was wonderful!

Teresa said...

Happy Day...looks very romantic =)