Monday, February 20, 2012

my view

The view from my new kitchen window
From my point of view,
I'm relieved to have the move done...again.

I'm feeling sorry for my Nicholas, who seems to be coming a bit unhinged.
Too many changes in too short a time.   In the past four months, we've
given him a sister, had many comings and goings of family members, moved,
then moved again, taken away all his little friends... it's really
little wonder he's gone a bit crazy about it all.
But sometimes, Kent and I are THIS close to losing it ourselves.
Of course, those are the moments right before he sidles up to us and pats our cheeks and says, "I just LOVE you, Mommy."
Yes, we'll keep him.
We just want him to settle in and move past this everything-is-ruining-my-life phase.

This is just a phase, right??

My view as I walk past the kitchen
From my point-of-view,
my daughter is going through a massive growth spurt.
Nursing every hour and a half or so,
and feeling heavier every time I pick her up.
And ooh boy do I love those cheeks of hers!

My view from the front door. (On Saturday)
 From my point of view,
the un-packing is mostly done.
Now comes the organizing.
Is it weird that I kinda look forward to this part?  That I'm thinking it will be fun to sort all my canned food?

From my view,  I'm struggling to convince myself that
"it's just things" when I think about how the moving company
badly scratched and dented the tops of all three of our dressers
and dinged the corner of my piano.
(Because we had them put it all in storage we didn't notice until now...long past the 30-day time limit for us to submit a claim or complaint.)
But it is just things and now I have a reason to paint my bedroom dresser like I've always wanted to.  I'm thinking a nice soft gray maybe?
The townhouse from our parking spot.
 From my view, we're very happy to be in this new place,
and excited for spring and summer when we can use the playgrounds and pool and our cute little backyard.  Utah summer is going to be good!


Creole Wisdom said...

Is that view for real!? Absolutely gorgeous. I never have seen Utah in winter and the mountains look so different!

I'm glad you are in the new place and unpacking. So many changes in so few months and you are handling it with grace!

Teresa said...

Cute little place with a beautiful view....outside too =)

magunn said...

It's good to read this.

Reminds me to be grateful we're still just sitting here ... not knowing what we're doing next.

Some adventures, eh?

Oh ... and I LOVE the front of your house. Beautiful beautiful east coast feel!

Shannon b said...

Looks like you guys found a great place or this in-between time! Enjoy the canned food sorting!

Mike and Alli said...

Very cute! Love your place... and your view... and those cheeks! Glad you will get to be a little more settled soon!

heidi said...

I hadn't heard you guys were moving again, that's a LOT of work, hope unpacking is going well. sorry about the moving mishaps, I'm certain I'd be frustrated.

Lisa Brown said...

Unpacking with kids and babies is always an adventure, but your new place looks completely worth it :).