Wednesday, February 29, 2012

house-selling leap day

  • We sold our house.  It's done and final and we are so happy.
  • My Ellie-girl turned 4 months old
  • Nicholas was happy and helpful and adorable.  That's three happy days out of the last four days.  Maybe we're coming out of the post-moving-post-baby-sister craziness?  Oh how I hope!
  • Kent sent me tulips today for Happy House-selling Day.  I love tulips.
  • I kept the computer off all day and it felt great.  We baked snickerdoodle cookies, I cleaned the whole house, a friend came to visit, and I even got a little bit of crafting done in between a few rotations of diapers and feedings and napping.  I liked it so much that I want to make this a more regular thing-going computer-less while the kids are up.
  • To celebrate closing on our house, we wanted to go to Sub-Zero Ice Cream. We braved the blizzard outside, and kept a 2-year-old awake in the car by telling him about the chocolate ice cream he was going to get. But it was closed so we tried out a Japanese Sweets place.  Tempura ice cream and mochi balls.  Nicholas was happy with his little cup of M&M's and his tiny scoop of chocolate ice cream.
It was a good good day.
Now I'm off to bed.
Hopefully some of today's goodness will carry over to tomorrow morning. DMV trip scheduled first thing in the morning.  I need to get my Utah driver's license... DMV with two little kids? Gonna be great.


Creole Wisdom said...

Ellie in the bumbo is just too much. Darling girl!

Shannon b said...

I love those kind of days -- where everything flows so well with happy news on top.

Teresa said...

Oh Happy Day- Leap year will always be special now.
The kids are adorable.

Kat said...

Hey, Becca, if I remember right, you're in the Salt Lake Valley? Let me know if I can watch your kids for you -- 435 770 7526. I know it's hard moving to a new place until you find people in the ward you feel comfortable leaving your kids with. Good luck at the DMV! But for next time... we live in the neighborhood just South of Liberty Park. :D

Lisa Brown said...

Sounds like agreat day. And we used to keep Lily awake by asking her what lived in the ocean, and then we would move on to the forrest, etc, etc :).

Allison said...

So sweet. I love tulips too! They're so beautiful! A sold house, flowers, baking, friends, crafts AND ice cream?? That IS a perfect day!! :)

Allison said...

...not to mention the adorable kids :)

heidi said...

sounds like a great day! congrats on the closing of your house, such a relief, I'm sure! I'm saying you are SO brave and awesome for going to the DMV with the kids. I STILL have not changed my licence from bakersfield because I WILL NOT go with the kids. I just told Sam last week, the next time you come home early I'm going to the DMV. hope it goes well!