Wednesday, September 14, 2011

photo challenge: 9 through 14

Nicholas wears pants when we're in public, I promise.  Just not at home.  He's only two.
Day 9: faceless self-portrait
I try to plan something every afternoon that requires getting out of the house.  If I'm lucky, Nicholas falls asleep in the car on the way home.  Then I get that boy out of his carseat, heft him on top of my belly, and carry him upstairs for his nap.
And then I take a nap too.  Because suddenly I have realized that my napping days are numbered.
Seven weeks left.
I know the baby will sleep, but the likelihood that the baby will sleep while Nicholas sleeps?  Very slim.

Day 10:  something I (my mom) made

I made this carseat cover for the baby, and my incredibly talented mom crocheted the flowers for the straps.  It turned out exactly how I had envisioned it, and I love it-the flowers are just perfect.

Day 11: something fun/exciting
 Kent went out to water the trees in our backyard-we are hoping to simply keep them alive at this point- and when he lifted the tarp to get the hose, he found a little friend taking shelter there.  Nicholas was fascinated, and he's been asking about the frog ever since.  Even this morning we had a long conversation about "where frog go?"

Day 12 & 13: from a distance, close up

Notice the shorts?  Like I said, he's usually pants-less this summer.

We got this farm and zoo set for Nicholas for Christmas.  We "play mommy amils" (animals) every single day.  He especially likes the horse and the zebra, and he makes them gallop around the living room for hours.  

This morning he had them out.  He was asking each of the animals if they wanted some of his yogurt.  I snapped this picture, and then when I looked again, he had the whole zoo gathered around the yogurt bowl.  
I love to see him pretending. It reminds me of all the time I spent playing the same way when I was little.

Day 14: flowers
No real flowers in Texas right now.  This IKEA stem, with tag still attached, will have to do. 


Teresa said...

You have a cute little mommy belly....does nicholas still say frogs the way he did when he was at our home? =)

Savanah said...

So cute. In answer....he passes out because he has something called "Pallid Anoxic Reflux Seizure" he also has the more common form of it called "Breath Holding Spells". It basically means that when he gets hurt or upset and goes to cry, he can't catch his breath to cry and stops breathing completely, thus passing out, -limp-purple-eyes rolled back, then his body takes over and starts breathing and we come back to. The more rare form (the first big name) means he can stop breathing at any time, no reason or cause. But luckily doctor says he will outgrow it by 5 year old...thankfully!

Shantillylace said...

Hey I love that car seat cover! I was planning on making one too, but haven't even looked into yet. Did you use a certain website or pattern or what to make it? Email or text me back!

magunn said...

Pahaha ... oh my. The belly-seat is all too familiar here as well. It's starting to make me ache though. I swear I wasn't this creaky first time around ...

I feel like I'm starting to get tired of being pregnant. But then, am I willing to trade in the aches for no more naps and next to no sleep at night?

Not sure.

Also, I need to create a carseat cover. I quite like yours.

Lisa Brown said...

I am so behind on reading people's blogs. i finally got caught up on yours, and I think there were 9 posts. I loved seeing what you have been up to, and it looks like you had a great time seeing your brother get home from his mission. And I can't believe Nicholas is 2?? Time sure flies :).

heidi said...

love the self portrait. just learned to crochet, hoping to learn flowers eventually, love them!!